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The secret behind the success of a salon lies within the stylist’s skill but the application of the right products. Offering the right professional service products to use, is essential to having a satisfied client at the end of each appointment. To satisfy your customers, you need to learn about the latest services and have uninterrupted access to these high-end hair productsin order to ensure great results. Here we would like to tell you a few about the high-end products you MUST have.

Hair Color Products

If people do something as daring and defining as changing their hair color, they will need the best products out there. Colors by Gina is one such product, made by the sensational Gina Rivera. This haircolor outperforms everything, and Gina offers amazing support for Hairstylists across the U.S. Look up Gina’s Colour Bees program where you can earn thousands of dollars in rewards. It is a must-have product that gives gorgeous colors with a unique shine. Another great option is Scruples hair products which offers a wide array of color tools. They offer permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color, and gel permanent haircolor along with highlighting and lowlighting options, that will make your salon services stress free. Keratin Complex Keraluminous Color, which contains Keratin Complex’s proprietary keratin protein, this color line provides amazing colors and conditions the hair like no other. It is so easy on the scalp, unlike most products on the market, your most sensitive clients will love it.

Smoothing Treatments

Stylists need the perfect treatment to offer their clients, in order to make their lives easy at home. Keratin complex Smoothing Treatments are the best for this. Keratin Complex Natural Smoothing Treatment and Express Blowout Treatments are bothStylist Award winning treatments that offer clients long lasting and life changing results.You can use these great products to fight frizz, reconstruct and heal your hair, and lock in color.

Other Soothing treatments include KCMax and Personalized Blowout, which are both versatile and strong frizz fighters, and it’s a Hit! which is a quick bond repair product that only takes 10 minutes.


There are various high-end lighteners. All made for the satisfaction of the clients and stylists included. These include ColorsBy Gina Lightning Dust, which will lift up to 9 levels, and is extremely gentle on the hair. Keratin Complex.It’s A Blonde Thing, is another great option. Hair Stylists also love Scruples 9+ lift Power Blond, Scruples Balayage Clay Lightener, and Trionics KO Lightener.


The Scruples Perms and Trionics Platinum Perms are easily the best perms on the market. They are easy on the scalp and accentuate your beauty.

Deep Conditioning Repair

A great money making service to offer in salons is always a deep conditioning treatment to build strength and add moisture to their clients hair. Here are some of the best deep conditioning products on the market to use when you offer as a service in the salon or to retail to your clients. HairpHix Deep Conditioning Mask, Keratin Complex Intense Rx, LabelM Therapy Age-Defying Recovery Mask. These are some of the best products for stylists and clients to use as well.

Another equally good conditioning repair is Keratin Complex Vital shots that can repair damage and can be used in conjunction with color lightener and Scruples PBX Bond Builders, which also have similar properties. These products can be added to color and lightening service to help protect the integrity of the hair. RWA Serious Beauty strives to provide salons with top tier products so that hair salons canoffer the best services to their clients. RWA Serious Beauty strives to keep satisfied and loyal customers.

When it comes to beauty, healthy hair is essential. Giving your hair and scalp all of the nutrients it needs will leave you looking great and feeling even better.
People are always conscious about their hair,. Hair is an essential part of our branding as people, and you can be unfairly judged on your personality by only looking at hair… Your hair says a lot about you! 
A hairstyle projects one’s identity of how he/she wishes another person to perceive them. If you have damaged, frizzy, and dry hair, it can be a hassle to maintain a good hairstyle.

Since hair is a crucial component in one’s appearance, it can greatly it boost your self-confidence. 
Men and women alike spend lots of money on hair treatments, hair color, hair straightening, and hair protein to look better. Unfortunately, all of those things also damage your hair, ultimately leaving it damaged and frizzy. 
For all these problems, ‘It’s A Hit’ aims to deliver the highest quality products to stylists and clients alike. These salon products make most of the CBD to ensure healthy and beautiful hair of consumers. 

CBD Bond Sealing Service has been developed by ‘It’s A Hit’ to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free while preserving hair color to last long. Hair products of ‘It’s A Hit’ cater to the ever-changing beauty demands of consumers. 
CBD Bond Sealing Service is a 10-minutes service that repairs hair damage instantly, caused by either thermal, environmental damage or hair chemical services. This ‘It’s A Hit! CBD Bond Sealing Service’, is an in salon service that helps repair the hair and reduce frizz. But the best part is that the results can last up to 4 weeks. 

Let’s take a look at the products that you can take home to support the CBD Bond Sealing Service. 

Recovery Hair Mask
It helps in repairing damage to the hair. With a unique CBD formula, it stimulates the growth process for hair and helps fight hormones that damage follicles.

Shine Restore Oil
It makes your hair long and strong while restoring its shine. This product is rich with anti-oxidants, including vitamins A, E, and C, which protect hair from dryness.

Anti-Frizz Leave-In
This product is enriched with CBD elements that help the hair remain straight for a long time and remove all frizz in no time.

Hydrating Shampoo
It nourishes hair and keeps it hydrated. This product reduces hair dandruff and dryness and moisturizes your hair shafts.

Instant Hair Conditioner
It repairs damaged hair. Using this after applying shampoo provides needed strength to hair for longer and sustainable growth. 
It keeps your hair protected from harsh radicals from the external environment, and maintains your mane strong and healthy with better hair repair.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your at home products now and ask your stylist for this treatment. Let your hair shine, stay stronger, longer, and make you feel confident. 
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Colours By Gina Launching with RWA Serious Beauty
No doubt, hair is the ultimate feature of one’s personality regardless of gender. Almost everyone is conscious about the look and health of their hair. In one way or another, hair represents an individual’s personality and uniqueness. People with well-groomed hair tend to have high self-esteem as compared to those who experience dryness, dullness, greying, or hair loss. Also, the ones who are obsessed with their hair spend a considerable amount of time in styling and colouring their hair. This is because appearance matters a lot. Of course, it does!



For a salon, it is vital to attract new customers and satisfy their demands. Eventually, clients choose a salon that offers them the best services with the most reliable hair products. That is why Gina Rivera has developed Colours By Gina, to give every stylist the highest quality tool to use for color services, but offering it at an affordable price for all stylists.
‘Gina Rivera’ has launched a new colour line – ‘Colours by Gina’,  which offers a wide range of amazing hair colours, with ‘RWA Serious Beauty’ to be their first distributor.
RWA is pleased to announce has started to represent its newest haircolor line ‘Colours by Gina’.



‘Colours by Gina’
You will be pleased to know that this hair colour line is enhanced with collagen, biotin, and baobab. ‘Colours by Gina’ intends to support the hair entrepreneur with innovative technology and a precise colour portfolio that would help the salon owner to manage inventory levels, and have a lasting positive influence to their bottom line.Ingredients 


  • Baobab- protects hair from dryness and stressor like friction and heat. It is an anti-ageing ingredient and provides intense moisturizing to hair. It also helps hair colour last longer and looks healthier.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)- strengthen hair and repair by filling gaps in cuticle.
  • Collagen– plant-based collagen moisturizes hair and rebuilds hair from the roots.



  • Unlimited intermixing and multi-functional results due to the intelligent colouring system.
  • 1 Tube, 60 Shades, and Infinite Options – portfolio covers 60 shades, which can be used alone or in the mixture. The choice is all yours!
  • The tube provides permanent colour results, tone on tone, demi-permanent for multi-dimensional colour.
  • Pure Mixers to add tone to any shade, as well as a diluter to soften any tone.



·Curated Colour
‘Curated Colour by Gina’ is a complete portfolio containing a full spectrum of colour 1 bright Lightner and 5 dedicated oxidizers. It is formulated using new colour intelligence (CI), which is a unique combination of specialized dye pigments, mild alkalizes, and protective oxidizers.